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MARS is more than a recording studio, it is an incubator designed to foster the development of a world class music scene

Combining a state of the art private recording facility with the guidance of an experienced producer, recording and mixing engineer, who also happens to be a world class vocal coach, songwriter, performer, musician and inspirational music instructor; MARS delivers everything you need to bring your sound to life, in a way no other studio can.

We can help you write, record, release and promote the best music of your career.

We’re not just a place where bands record their next local release, we’re a group of professionals dedicated to launching the careers of cutting edge, talented artists who work harder than anyone else to make their music the best it can possibly be

Our city is widely recognized as the best place to live in the United States, and with more and more of the most talented people from all over the country moving here everyday, we are uniquely poised to become the biggest music scene in the world. This is our vision and mission; We take your music from the first note of a new song, to a popular and critically acclaimed masterpiece.

MARS is the place where it all happens

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